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Alpha Hemp Biotech was established in June 2018 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We specialize in herb cultivation and processing. Our advanced technology separates and purifies healthy substance from medical cannabis to make human life healthier.

Cambodia, one of the fastest developing country in the world and a long history to use cannabis as a traditional herb, there is huge potential in developing cannabis cultivation and manufacturing in the area.

Alpha Hemp provides a secure cultivation system to help illegal cannabis cultivation to a legal and controllable way, meanwhile, Alpha Hemp builds a pharmaceutical factory to collect all cannabis biomass and process to a safety product, provide such products to help people have a healthier life.

Canhelp Genomics is a leading healthcare company focused on molecular diagnostics & personalized medicine in the field of oncology. Dedicated to developing cutting-edge diagnostics, Canhelp Genomics improves patient care by resolving diagnostic uncertainty with evidence that is trustworthy and actionable. The company's products uniquely combine genomic technology, clinical science and bioinformatics solution to generate insights that can help the accurate diagnosis of disease and help physicians match patients to more personalized treatment options.With approximately 3~5% of all newly diagnosed cancers presenting without an identifiable primary site. We believe our Canhelp-Origin, a novel molecular diagnostic test offering accurate, highly reliable molecular information for cancer of unknown primary.

We believe that our accurate and proprietary bioinformatics technologies provide Canhelp Genomics with a key competitive advantage in the molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine. In addition to Canhelp-Origin for metastatic tumors, we are also developing a series of genomic products, which are improving the diagnosis of kidney cancer and lung cancer addressing key unmet clinical needs in oncology. These three genomic tests can aid in the reduction of unnecessary repeat biopsies and ineffective treatment.

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