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VK Organics' IMP CBD HNB Sticks provide an easy way to enjoy CBD. 100% Compatible with IQOS device. Containing cannabidiol (CBD) from agricultural hemp which strictly follows organic procedure. 


IMP STICK is a natural, healthy, innovation-driven Heat Not Burn (HNB) product that provides the most healthy way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

  • 100% IQOS Compatible 
  • 10mg/stick
  • NO tar, heavy metals, artificial flavouring.

Our 2nd generation CBD encapsulation technology preserves the natural integrity of hemp, yet providing a safe and legit MTL. The capsule shape of IMP comes from our decades of experience and technology innovation in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Naturally grown and 100% harvested by hand from our Northern California farm, a world-wide known region for best quality hemp cultivation, located in Dixon, CA.

Stick is made from granular aerosolizing bead-lets from our patented homogenizing spray-coating process. Three-piece cartridge structure creates natural cooling effect; no cooling materials used to avoid release of potential harmful substances with aerosol.


Each carton has 10 packs. Packs available in 10-stick pack and 20-stick pack. Price shown is on per pack basis.

CBD Capsule Heatsticks

  • Main ingredients: Hemp Fiber, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Cellulose. (No THC, No Nicotine, No Tar)
    Flavor: Original Cannabinoid Terpene Profile
    Strain Profile: Hybrid with Indica Dominant

    Usage: around 15 puffs/stick