Is CBD Legal in Canada?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is regulated in Canada under the Cannabis Act

Is CBD Legal? How is CBD regulated in Canada?

In short, yes, CBD is legal in Canada. However, all phytocannabinoids including CBD are regulated under the new Cannabis Act.The Act came into force on October 17, 2018.

Before the Cannabis Act came into force, CBD was:

  • regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

  • strictly controlled

It was not legal to produce, sell, import or export CBD unless authorized for medical or scientific purposes.

Under the Cannabis Act, CBD products remain strictly regulated and are only legal when sold in compliance with the Act and its regulations.

The Act and accompanying regulations place strict controls on cannabis:

  • possession

  • production

  • distribution

  • sale

Health Canada oversees the production of cannabis products. Health Canada is also responsible for overseeing the distribution and sale of:

  • cannabis, including any CBD-containing cannabis products for medical purposes

The provinces and territories are responsible for determining how cannabis is distributed and sold within their jurisdictions.

They set rules around:

  • how cannabis products can be sold

  • where stores may be located

  • how stores must be operated

Is It Legal to Produce and Sell CBD in Canada?

CBD and products containing CBD are subject to all of the rules and requirements that apply to cannabis under the Cannabis Act and its regulations. You must have a processing licence to manufacture products containing CBD for sale, no matter what the source of the CBD is.

CBD and products containing CBD, such as cannabis oil, may only be sold by a:

  • provincially or territorially-authorized cannabis retailer

  • federally-licensed seller of cannabis for medical purposes

Most of VK Organics products are grown, manufactured and formulated in the United States. Purchase of cannabinoid ingredients and white label products are available on VK Organics. or contact for assistance and inquiries.

Is It Legal to Import and Export CBD Products in Canada

Most of our Canadian clients are concerned about importing and exporting CBD products to Canada. Movement of cannabis and cannabis products between countries is covered by 3 United Nations drug conventions, including the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 as amended by the 1972 Protocol.

CBD is currently a controlled substance under the Single Convention. CBD products may therefore only be imported or exported under very specific conditions. Any import or export must meet all of these criteria and may only be done:

  • by a holder of a licence issued under the Cannabis Regulations

  • under an import or export permit issued to the licence holder by Health Canada for that shipment

  • for a legitimate scientific or medical purpose, as per international agreements

Please contact for assistance in sales and importing and exporting CBD to Canada.

Can I Sell CBD Products with Health Claim?

All phytocannabinoids, with several exceptions, are listed on the Prescription Drug List. If you wish to manufacture and sell a health product containing CBD that makes a health claim, you require approval for the product as a prescription drug under the Food and Drug Regulations.

Is It Legal to Sell Natural Health Products, Veterinary Health Products and Cosmetics That Contain CBD?

Only limited parts of cannabis or hemp plants may be used in a:

NHPs and VHPs may only contain parts of the cannabis and hemp plants that are not considered cannabis under the Cannabis Act or that are excluded from the application of the Act. This includes things such as:

  • non-viable seeds

  • hemp-seed derivatives that are compliant with the Industrial Hemp Regulations

  • mature stalks that do not include any leaves, flowers, seeds or branches and fibre from such stalks are also excluded from the Cannabis Act, but they may not be used in veterinary health products.

Deliberately adding phytocannabinoids to such products is not permitted.

These same restrictions also apply to cosmetics, which may only contain hemp derivatives.

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